Creating Awesomeness in the World

Today the sun shined for more than 30 minutes, which is the first time it has done so in several months. I was so ecstatic that I walked to the train station instead of taking the bus, just so I could absorb any amount of Vitamin D. I was just so happy that I could see bits of blue sky and actual rays of sunshine! I have truly missed the sun! I feel re-energized and ready to tackle the crazy week ahead of me!

Anyways, the real reason for this post is that I want to share  this video with everyone. I had seen it on Facebook recently, but never watched it. For some reason, I decided to watch it today. I think the pep talk really spoke to me. I think it’s a rather inspirational and cute video. Bravo to the creators!!

Here are my two favorite quotes:

“It’s everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance!”

“Create something that will make the world awesome!”

To everyone that has been an encouragement in my lie, THANK YOU!!! I’m grateful for your presence in my life!

For those of you that watched it, what are you favorite quotes from the video? Don’t forget to pass it along!