You Never Know Who You’ll Meet in the City

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been doing lots of sleeping. The jet lag seemed to really kick my butt. I think part of that had to do with my lack of sleep. I only slept like a total of 10 hours in the last days that I was in the US, so I think that really screwed up my body. I’m just glad that I have the time to catch up and be rested before my orientation starts on Monday.

Anyways, as for my adventures in the city today: I had a lot of fun exploring. I just decided to start walking and see where I ended up. I could’ve easily planned out my adventure, but I think its much more fun to just go out and explore. Plus I’m pretty good with direction, so I wasn’t worried about getting lost. I also took a map with me just in case, but was only going to use it if I got desperate.

I love just walking and soaking up my surroundings. There are just so many different things to explore and what not. These first few days, I’m mostly just exploring to see whats out there and maybe soon I will actually go to places and what not.

As I was exploring I came upon a little square with a lovely fountain. There were lots of benches so I decided it would be a good place to sit and people watch for a while. I think this might easily become one of my spots to go and think. Its a great place for people watching too!!

A view of the square and the fountain

I decided to move so I could get a better picture of the fountain. As i finished taking pictures, this nice woman asked me to take a picture for her and her group. I kindly responded in English and she seemed happy to hear an American accent. Well of course, we started talking and come to find out she was from Fort Worth, TX. What a small world, uh?  She was with a nice couple who spoke very little English and were excited to learn that I spoke German. I later learned that this couple simply decided to buy them the special wine of the region and take them on a tour of the city. I gave them my email and I hope they email me! They seemed really sweet!

Well the couple had to leave and the two lovely ladies, Bobette and Judy,  invited me to have dinner with them in a street cafe. I thought, why not? I don’t have any other plans. It ended up being quite a lovely evening. They were interesting ladies just beginning a tour of Germany and Austria. Of course, I told them my story too and they loved the idea of Rotary Youth Exchange. I always love to promote that. Judy has a granddaughter that would love the program, or so she said. They were even gracious enough to pay for my pizza and iced tea! Thank you ladies! 🙂

Well today was a good day!! I realize I need to take some more pictures. I will finish unpacking and gathering up my stuff tonight, so tomorrow I will take some pictures of the apt and post them!

For now, I will leave you with a few other pictures from today (sadly, I didn’t get a picture with the Bobette and Judy):

Not sure what this is exactly…but its a really cool building.

One of the many churches. I didn’t go inside today, but I will!!

Found this lovely fountain as I walked home

I promise to post more pictures tomorrow! 🙂

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